Personal Care Products

Wigs and Hair Pieces 

Carry yourself confidently with help from SMS. We sell stylish wigs and hair pieces. Whether you’re experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons, preparing for a special occasion, or simply looking for a change, we have the perfect hair products for you. The wigs in our inventory are natural-looking, so they seamlessly blend into your hair. Our boutique offers private wig fittings to ensure the perfect fit, color, and style. Schedule an appointment today. 

Breast Care

Doctors recommend purchasing breast prostheses or balance forms following mastectomy and other breast surgeries to restore symmetry. Uniformity is essential because it promotes better posture and back health over time. 

Balance forms used with a pocketed bra will give you symmetry if your surgery leaves your breasts uneven or if they need a lift. You can wear our prostheses to simulate your breasts. We provide them in many sizes, shapes, weights, and colors in our mastectomy boutique. Our medical products allow you to choose what works best for you. We also offer custom swim prostheses and products made with special cooling material to minimize discomfort. 

Woman Wearing A Black Medical Bra

Breastfeeding Products

Breastfeeding can be an endearing and powerful decision for a new mother. However, it comes with unique challenges, especially for working mothers. We’re here to help you adjust and transition back to your busy life and schedule. We offer nursing bras, breast camisoles, and breast pumps to aid you and your baby on your special journey.